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Win Sweet September Cash

Win Sweet September Cash #win #giveaway #CashPrize

Welcome to the $500 Sweet September Cash Giveaway!

cash giveaway

I have joined forces with a fantastic group of bloggers to bring you this great giveaway.
One lucky person will win $500 cash.

Whether it is new school clothes, electronics, something special just for you, or getting a jump-start on your Christmas shopping, $500 cash is a nice way to ease the financial burden of these expenses.  By entering to…

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Bloggers Wanted For Faucet Face Giveaway

Bloggers Wanted For Faucet Face Giveaway #BloggerOp #BloggersWanted

Bloggers Wanted for the Faucet Face Giveaway @ Deliciously Savvy ~ Stylish and Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Faucet Face 4

Have you ever noticed how everything tastes better in glass? That’s because glass won’t taint liquids like plastic or metal can. You already use glass for wine and other beverages, so why not for your water? Get a Faucet Face bottle today and keep your water tasting fresh!

Check them out for…

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Christian Wall Decals

Christian Wall Decals @ChristianWalArt #ChristianWallDecals

I had the pleasure of working with Christian Vinyl Wall Art, a company that produces vinyl wall art for the home and church, offering both a number of Bible verses as well as custom wall decals. 

They offer 150 pre-designed Christian wall decals, however, each can be customized with 37 different colors.  Ordering my wall decal couldn’t have been any easier.  I chose a design for over our bed…

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Garlic Lime Chicken

Garlic Lime Chicken #garlicpress

garlicOne simply can’t test a garlic press without actually cooking.  I love garlic!  The more the merrier, in my humble opinion.  So, for this review, I cook!

I was at the pool talking with a friend and neighbor who told me that she likes to cook with garlic and lime.  That gave me a great idea to marinate boneless, skinless chicken breasts in lime juice and garlic.

The first thing  I did was juice…

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Your Stomach Will Thank You

Your Stomach Will Thank You #probiotics


Why will my stomach thank me?  And what exactly are probiotics anyway?  WebMD says,

Probiotics are organisms such as bacteria or yeast that are believed to improve health. They are available in supplements and foods. The idea of taking live bacteria or yeast may seem strange at first. After all, we take antibiotics to fight bacteria. But our bodies naturally teem with such organisms.  The…

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All-Natural Handmade Soap

All-Natural Handmade Soap #NaturalSkincare

All-Natural Handmade Soap

In Golden Crown, Green Tea Goddess, Luscious Lavender, and Sea Breeze, these luxury all-natural handmade soaps will make you think you’re bathing in a high-end hotel.

Keomi handmade soap smells delicious.  The light scent stays on your skin for hours after your shower.  An affordable luxury, Keomi handmade soaps will leave your skin feeling clean and moisturized as well as silky smooth.  Natural…

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A new way to have a Bikini Ready Lifestyle with Energy Gummies. The cherry, orange, and grape gummies are packed with Vitamin B12 and caffeine to give you lots of energy to get through the day so you can get bikini-ready for that trip to the beach, pool, or island paradise. #BikiniReadyLifestyle

I received this product free from Influenster in exchange for my honest review. #contest (at The Sandmeyer Tree House)

Sun Damage and Aging

Sun Damage and Aging @Heliocare #TryHeliocare @Klout #Klout #Perk

Sun Damage and Aging

I received a Klout perk of 80 capsules of Heliocare, a daily use antioxidant that helps maintain the skin’s ability to protest against sun damage and aging.  It contains polypodium leucotomos (calaguala) extract (leaf).  Living in Florida, sun over-exposure is always an issue.  Heliocare might allow us to spend more time in the sun with less sun damage.

See what the internet is saying about…

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